2023 Q1 update: Standard Gateway not yet in full commercialization mode, but getting very close, we continue to see increase in numbers on both and

It has been customary at Standard Gateway to look back at the end of every quarter to reflect on where we are, where we are coming from and where we are going. With our two products: exam preparation and eticketing, it is clear that progress is not just enough, it is time for more actions and results.

2023 started with a lot of excitement, expecting to close eticketing partnership agreements, little did we know that the road ahead was going to be even harder.  Throughout the process we were able to understand the synergies and mechanics that makes public transport in Rwanda functions. 

A big realization was that no single entity was in position to provide accreditation to proceed with enabling booking online. Travel agencies operate under the tight oversight of the national regulator, and cooperatives, they hence need approval from both to introduce any new innovation, especially if deemed disruptive in any way such as our ticketing solution.

Nevertheless our able team has been able to navigate and device multiple strategies to actualize our goal of availing alternative booking online through One item under consideration is that we may have to separate regional cross border booking and national intercity booking. Another idea under consideration is a potential joint venture with one of the cooperative entities where we will plan the technical role, while the other party will drive operation, sales and marketing. If actualized, the joint venture will result in a project that will operate side by side with and any other booking platform Standard Gateway may decide to build.

For exam preparation, we have continued to market our national exam preparation materials on both social media, school visits and other media. Our user base has continued to grow, however we are aware that much needs to be done to reach the wider educational community.

In that regard, we have started to work with Duce of Africa, conducting joint visits to schools to directly talk to students and educators and tell them about our free past exams and paste keys on as well as our reasonably priced online practice exams on

Our main goal for the second quarter will be once and for all close business development for e ticketing. With our approach and the progress from the team, we are looking at one more month to get the product in commercialization mode. For exam preparation, we are looking at final packaging of both our offering and our marketing messaging.

Overall, we are making positive progress, and we can’t wait for you to be able to book your tickets online on next quarter. 

Thank you for reading and If you have any feedback, partnership inquiry, etc do not hesitate to reach out to us.


SG Team

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