Message from Gilberto,

If you are reading this, we are very happy you are here. We are excited to welcome you on our collective platform which provides you with various tools and services which we find useful to you, our customers to speed up your day to day tasks and operations. Please visit and explore the whole site to see what we can offer you or your business.

If you are a developer or you are an avid tech person, we are even more thrilled you are here. We are always looking for talented partners to bring our services to an even bigger audience while we improve the services offered here. This platform, the services, and the tools it offers make up the stepping stone to our longer and profound vision to bring extraordinary solutions to our forgotten communities. 

One of the most challenges we have seen, thus far, is the lack of local and trusted online payment solutions. We believe that solving this challenge will play a vital role in accelerating the way we do online businesses in our communities. We are working on a solution to address these challenges, and this platform will be the first to drive this effort home. 

If you are interested in partnership with us, or simply are curious and want to learn more on what our platform and our solutions can do for you and/ or your business, please reach out to us at,

On behalf of the Keza Team, we appreciate you. Please come again and see us.


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