1. Why did you choose to call the platform Kezastore?

Keza in Kinyarwanda means something beautiful, breathtaking, inside out. We started branding our products around Keza in 2014 when we were thinking about building an mobile money payment assistant, that we gave the name of KezaPay. Even though that project is currently on hold, we continue to release products around the Keza Brand, so basically KezaStore means a beautiful, breathtaking store, that happens to also be digital

  1. Will I need to be able to purchase the ticket online?

Yes and no, it will depend on the travel agency you want to travel with. The ticket that you see online are those from a Travel agency where a working agreement is in session. If you don’t find the Travel agency, you can always contact them directly, it doesn’t mean that particular route is not being operated.

  1. Will I be able to get a refund for my ticket if I don’t use it?

If you miss your bus, you can for the most case be put on the next one available, make sure to check in with the gate agent, if you are not able to get the answer you are looking for contact our support.

  1. What happens when my voucher or access code expires?

For our education products and tools, you will have to buy a voucher or access code to have access up to a certain date. When your code expires you will no longer have access, you will need to purchase another code or voucher

  1. What is the difference between KezaStore and KezaServices?

They are all very similar, the only differences are that Kezastore is more a consumer geared product, while Kezaservices is more enterprise geared product. Customers can still be able to purchase on kezaservices, but kezastore will not have custom services that are built for enterprise. Customers can take advantage of that mirroring design approach to use one or the other depending on which one fits them best or is lighter at a specific time of the day or year.

  1. What is the difference between Standard and Premium Versions, What is freemium?

In order to make our products and services available at an affordable price we operate on a freemium model, which allows us to provide free products and service what we called Standard Version and lower priced products and services with more features at a reasonable price, which we call Premium Version.

  1. I have more questions, who can I reach out to?

You can reach out to our Media, Sales and Marketing Staff, at the below emails, KezaStore Technical Support

KezaStore General Inquiries (Sales, Services)

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