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2022 has probably been the fastest year in the history of mankind! Well that may not be scientifically true, but for us at Standard Gateway, that is how it feels. We started 2022 with a lot of plans and excitement with the goal of standardizing our activities and entering commercialization. Did we get there? The answer is a resounding not really! Did we make some good progress? Absolutely. We are proud of what we have to achieve while looking back to what went wrong and what went right as we plan for 2023.

In 2023 we streamlined our offering in only two main products: exam preparation for the education segment and eticketing for our technology segment. Although, to be able to provide to our user a unique product in both segments requires us to keep developing innovative technology tools and processes, we were able to cancel and shelf many initiatives and projects that we felt were a distraction to our organization getting into commercial mode.

On top of our mind, it has always and it will always be our users and the value we provide to them. Indeed our goal is to give a competitive advantage to those who use our products and services against those who don’t! All our products are designed and built as utility first, with the end customer center in the whole process. 

For the education side, we want students to have everything they need to prepare for national exams from our different platforms, anytime, anywhere from where practice exams are very reasonably priced and on where students can access past exams, past keys and other preparation materials for free . 

For our eTicketing product, we want travelers to be able to book tickets anywhere, anytime and hopefully drive the culture of booking tickets ahead of time. Our ultimate goal is to drive the culture where no traveler should go to the bus park with no pre-booked ticket. This will not only allow travel agencies to better plan for the operation, but help travelers to have more predictability, save time and have some peace of mind.

We are working with different stakeholders to actualize our plans, including schools, travel agencies, associations, cooperatives, etc. We believe more than ever, we are ever close to achieving commercialization of our products and services. We are happy to report that the process of engaging travel agencies and schools has been going very well and we are looking forward to having the first few working agreements signed in the first month of 2023.

Below are some summary activities for both Q4 2022 and planned activities for Q1 2023


Activities for Q4 2022 (November-December)

  • Chased working agreements to secure at least two travel agency operators in Rwanda, currently we have more than 15 travel agencies that has agreed verbally to work with us, agreements slated to be signed in January 2023
  • Investigated and finalized a plan for funding mobilization from both grants and investors, sourced funders to be approached in Q1 and Q2 2023
  • We added a member on the team to drive sales and marketing for our eTicketing and digital products side of the business, with the goal ensuring that every traveler knows about eTicketing products and other auxiliary travel products
  • We launched eTicketing auxiliary products, egift cards for travelers to increase options to travelers while they browse With egift cards, travelers can purchase,, and digital gift cards.
  • Finalized Materials Development Dashboarding to track development of materials and content
  • Started on building processes and templates for Financial reports
  • Brought on the team the CEO who will be responsible for all activities on the ground


Planned Activities for Q1 2023 (January – March)

  • The first quarter of 2023 is to secure working agreement with travel agency, this has been on our list for long enough, going through multiple waves and storms and we are confident that this shall be achieved in the first month of the quarter
  • Strategize, and make plans on how to establish formal partnerships with schools and other educational institutions
  • Draft and Submit 5 Grants for funding mobilization 
  • Establish Metrics for actionable Revenue Generation
  • Continue to drive the Market campaign on buying tickets online: “no more reason to go to the bus park with no ticket, with eticketing”
  • Devise a campaign on buying exam digital access codes for students to understand the product, how to use it, and why it is beneficial to them
  • Organize at least two events to communicate to our users, partners, and customers of our services, solutions, and products (From last Quarter)
  • Finalize Social Media Content Generator Tool and Animate Standard Gateway Social Media to communicate to tech savvy internet users the benefits of our products and services (From Last Quarter) – This is a tools that will give us a competitive advantage and help engage with travel agency operators (From Last Quarter)
  • Materialize moving back to the office, while operating in a hybrid mode
  • Fine tune building processes and templates for Financial reports
  • Operationalize the already kickstarted Materials Development Review Board Meetings
  • Internally operationalize Sales and Marketing Operation and start tracking sales revenue (From Last Quarter)


We hope 2023 will be your year and our year. We at Standard Gateway, are very excited for the new year and are very optimistic that this is the year of adoption of our products. Our mission is to become the standard in sectors where we operate, by that our goal will always be to do everything in our power to ensure that our products and services become must used, value adding to our users everyday lives.


In 2023 we want everyone who is traveling to take advantage of eTicketing product and avoid leaving his/her home with no ticket, booking travel tickets on our platform At the same time, our goal for our educational product is that every student sitting for national exams, utilizes and to find materials much needed to do the best he/she can do!


The business opportunity is clear and we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the wave. It is a privilege that together with our partners, our team and all our stakeholders we are set to something very unique and transformative! 


Again Happy New  Year  2023 and Cheers!


Thank you for reading and If you have any feedback, partnership inquiry, etc do not hesitate to reach out to us.




SG Team


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