It’s time to knock, and tell so hard so near, the ticketing service is now at our fingertips

Oops three more months to go and we will be wrapping up 2021. Time is running and here the third quarter reaches its end. COVID-19 continues to headline newsrooms, although with more and more vaccination rates, the world seems to be adapting to the new normal. At the same time; We, at Standard Gateway, our day to day activities continue to be disrupted as we figure out ways to mitigate impacts on our plans and objectives.

Having a doubly focus on both education and technology, Standard Gateway Team’ s major highlight for the last quarter has been cyber disruption that impacted nearly each one of our servers, taking down our primary site: and several applications running on and Lucky our technical team was able to quickly diagnose the issue, and resolve the issues quickly to continue to avail examination preparation materials to students.

On the technology side, especially our upcoming eTicketing Platform housed on, In the past quarter, COVID-19 has been an obstacle for most of our planned activities. In the end we resoluted in our team to focus on technical tasks (not requiring many movements), but luckily now that many people have taken the first shot of the vaccine and life is progressively turned to normal, our business development team intensified outreach to our travel agency operators. At the moment we have a good roster of travel agencies ready to move forward with integration.

We believe that slowly but surely we are getting closer to our goal of completely transforming how travel tickets are acquired where travelers will be able to browse, select and pay tickets on eTicketing platform. Our plan for the time being is to embed technology in our outreach to our customers taking advantage of video conferencing whenever possible, but also prioritizing face to face, creating solid formal partnership with different players to make eticketing a reality.

Below are some summary activities for both Q3 and Q4

Activities for Q3

  • We have engaged travel agency operators and have a number of them ready to engage in a formal agreement and proceed with technical integration.
  •  We have completed setting up communication infractures, and registered company owned phones that will serve both for communication and for payment whenever necessary
  • We have started the process of building business development teams for other East African countrie: Uganda and Kenya, with the plan in the horizon to activate those team after we receive feedback from the pilot travel agency operators in Rwanda
  • We continue to see an increase in students taking online exams on and have started building materials to educate students on how to purchase premium courses
  • We have engaged talks with marketing firms in designing and running campaigns when we launch eticketing

Planned Activities for Q4

  • Finalize a working agreement with at least two travel agency operators in Rwanda
  • Design and Drive Market campaign on buying tickets online: “no more reason to go to the bus park with no ticket, with eticketing”
  • Organize events to communicate to our users, partners, and customers of our services, solutions, and products (From last Quarter)
  • Finalize Social Media Content Generator Tool and Animate Standard Gateway Social Media to communicate to tech savvy internet users the benefits of our products and services
  • Get Started on  the packaging of our eEducation products to include past keys and past exams
  • Assemble an eEducation Business Development Rep Team

Now more than ever technology is not a luxury, but really a utility. Our objective being to break down the obstacles of time spent and long queues while requesting ticketing services, making it possible for students to access much needed exam preparation materials, and ultimately making the quality of life better, we can’t be more excited to tackle these problems.

We can’t be more excited to see customers finally start booking tickets on eticketing! Cheers to the new Quarter.

Thank you for reading and If you have any feedback, partnership inquiry, etc do not hesitate to reach out to us.


SG Team

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