Welcome to your 30056-Tanzania-Professional-NBAA-CPA-ECONOMICS-Assessment-Exam-Premium

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SG Exam ID: 30056-Tanzania-Professional-NBAA-CPA-ECONOMICS-Assessment-Exam-Premium




  1. This assessment exam was prepared with a collaboration of Standard Gateway, an education and technology focused organization and operator of, operator of and their partners. The exam shall assess examinee preparedness in a computer-based format.
  2. Although we make an effort to ensure correctness, this exam is "use as is", Standard Gateway LTD - Education and Technology, disclaims any liability, it is still the responsibility of the user to make final determination on usability and applicability.
  3. Time Allowed: 2 hours 15 minutes (15 minutes reading and 2 hours writing, this is advised self-timed timing).
  4. Our Assessment Exams typically have between 24 and 36 questions in a computer-based format, Answer all questions for all sections
  5. Read Questions Before your answer
  6. Show all your workings on your side notebook, where applicable, to mimic actual exam experience before you answer the computer-based exam
  7. We ask that students do not copy, redistribute without appropriate written approval by Standard Gateway staff, in ensuring the exam is beneficial to other examinees

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