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EXAM ID: 30005-Rwanda-S6-WDA-Electrical-Machines-Assessment-Exam


TRADE: Domestic / Industrial Electricity (IEL) (LEVEL 5) 


  • Examination comprises two sections                                          DURATION: 3 hours         
  • Answer all questions for all sections
  • Read question carefully before you answer 



  • This examination combines three modules (electrical motor operation/maintenance, electrical generator operation and maintenance, transformer)
  • This is an assessment exam prepared with collaboration of Standard Gateway, education and technology focused organizaqtion and operator of and their partners. The exam shall assess student preparedness in a computer based format
  • We ask that students do not copy, redistribute without appropriate written approval by Standard Gateway staff,  in ensuring the exam is beneficial to the examinees


The large number of slots in induction motor
Which of the following machines will be preferred to charge the batteries?
If the speed of a d.c shunt motor is increased, the back e.m.f of the motor will.
The good power factor of an induction motor can be achieved if the average flux density in air gap is
The electric current in the motor generate
Why are dc motors preferred for traction application?
Which of the following generating machine will offer constant voltage on all loads
The number of bushings in a transformer can be reduced if:
Which of the following transformers will use oil natural cooling with tubes?
The dc generator will be preferred if it has
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