10002 – How to beat the timming during an online examination (Onyinyechi)

Edutech: How to beat timing and stress during an online examination?

You have an exam. You have studied hard and long. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve studied for an exam. Sometimes that day comes and you get jitters. Your heart beats faster than normal, your palms become sweaty.

 This is completely normal and can happen to anyone. However, you can eventually relax and get comfortable in a physical examination, but the tendency for the anxiety to continue because of the speed at which the questions are displayed and removed in an online exam is high

 Fortunately. It doesn’t always have to be so.

 Coping with Exam Anxiety.

 Here are 4 things you can do to get rid of that anxiety.

  Always prepare: I know this is obvious, but it doesn’t only mean studying.

Get enough sleep before the exam. Don’t skip meals as too. Recognize the function and connection between your brain and eyes.

If your body is tired, it are probably tired as well. This can give room for too many simple errors that can easily snowball .

If there is a specific location for the test, get there early. Check your internet connection, make sure it’s functioning at top speed.

 Relax: When you settle in front of your computer screen, sit properly.  Inhale and exhale deeply. It helps to relax your muscles. Ensure that you properly submit each question before moving to the next. If you encounter technical problems, call the attention of a supervisor to the problem if there is any available. Else take a screenshot of your screen and forward it to the necessary authority after the exam is concluded.

 Be time conscious: Don’t spend too much time on a question. Each question probably has a specific time allotted to it. Or has been given an approximate time factored into the total time allowed. Spending too much time on a question is a good way to lose coordination. 

 Take a practice test: Where available, endeavor to take a practice test.  This test could be random questions so you can get comfortable with the exam portal, past questions so you can get a feel of the structure of the questions, how to submit your answers properly Etc.. This will enable you to familiarize yourself around the concept of online examinations.

In summary, timing for online tests is just the same as a physical one. A little adjustment here and there and you’ll be fine.

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